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Binder is an open source digital repository management application designed to meet the needs and complex digital preservation requirements of cultural heritage institutions. Binder was created by Artefactual Systems and the Museum of Modern Art.

Binder aims to facilitate digital collections care, management, and preservation for time-based media and born-digital works, and is built from integrating functionality of the Archivematica and AtoM projects.


Binder is still under development. Please see the Current project status page for more information.

Related resources

MoMA has created a screencast that offers an overview of Binder’s functionality, which can be seen on YouTube:

A presentation on Binder’s functionality, given at AMIA 2014, can also be viewed online (note that Binder was initially called the DRMC):

Slides from a presentation at the Code4LibBC 2014 conference can also be viewed at:

User manual

User guide to creating, editing, importing, and managing content content in Binder via the user interface.


Find out what Binder is, what it can do, how it’s being used, and how we hope to see the project evolve.

Administration manual

Instructions for installing, upgrading, maintaining, and more; includes administering the app via the command-line interface.

API reference

Documentation of the avaiable REST endpoints used by Binder’s HTTP API.